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Family Shorts Presents
A Family Shorts Film
"A Tribute to Sanford N. Robinson Sr."
Directed by Tom Kurlander

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Family Shorts specializes in making documentary style short films and music videos about families. We know that every family has a story to tell with images and memories that deserve to be captured and preserved forever.

"If you want to have an adventure investigating the background of a family, one that is heartwarming and worth celebrating, creating a Family Shorts is the way to go."

Lynn Snyderman
Jesse's Mom
"Jesse's Big Movie"

"Our Family Shorts film is a treasure. It intimately captures the living presence of our husband and father, and of us, his family, around him. It is a way for us to hold close all that used to be, to remember, and to re-live a wonderful time in our lives."

Judy Robinson, for the Robinson Family
"A Tribute to Sanford N. Robinson Sr."
A Family Shorts Film

"Family Shorts is a great company. If you are looking for a way to document an event or milestone in your life this is where you want to go. My Bar Mitzvah was two years ago, and my mom wanted a way to document the whole process and before. So having known Tom Kurlander, owner of Family Shorts, she immediately went to him and we got a result so incredible, that I don't think I'll ever stop watching it." He also added, "Family Shorts has given me a memory that'll last a lifetime. A memory that I can share with my children, my children's children, and many generations going forward."

Jesse Irwin
Star of "Jesse's Big Movie"
A Family Shorts Film

At Family Shorts, we produce, direct, and edit movies starring "Your Family." It's like having a moving family portrait.

We also make films about businesses, particularly family founded and run businesses, documenting the journey of a company and creating a marketing device that can be shown on the web or at company events.

Contact for more information about making your family's Family Shorts.

Also Playing Say Good-bye to Squirrel Hill
A Family Shorts Movie


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